Saturday, December 27, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Christmas was good though we had a few problems. The days leading up to Christmas were interesting with all the snow. I haven't been able to get my car out of the driveway for a week now. My mom never made it here from Spokane because of weather. The kids and I really missed her, Cami told people her grandma Cheri was stuck in a airplane. I kept things simple this year. I want the kids to understand that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus . Lilli wanted to know if we were going to make a birthday cake for the baby Jesus and I thought that was cute.

Christmas eve, Mike, Jerry, Marry, Jamie, Taka and Amanda all worked on putting toys together and wrapping presents. We finally wrapped up around 11:00 pm. It was quite until around 2:00am and then I heard Weston. I went to their room and each one started to cry. Finally around 5:00 am I went back to sleep. I slept a few hours until Lilli said, "Mama, can I go downstairs?" I wanted everyone to see the tree and the gifts at the same time. I got the video camera and headed up the stairs to their room. Lilli, Mike and I said, "Merry Christmas, Santa came." Just then I saw Cami throw up. "Oh no!!" I yelled, "Not today, please why today?!" I cleaned her and her bedding and we went downstairs. I picked up my video camera and recorded them ripping into their stockings. Lilli was yelling "Yes, yes, this is what I wanted." Just then I notice, just as I faced the video recorder in Belles direction, she had her head down on the couch. I asked, "Belle, don't you want to see what santa brought?" In that moment she threw up all over the couch.

It could have been worse. I know I will always remember this Christmas for years to come. Click on the link below and Taka recorded the kids sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star":

Oh and you will noticed my hair is brown and yes I have a story about that too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas, we have snow!!! Before the snow hit, I took the kids to Crista Shores Senior home. This is the 3rd Christmas we have visited Crista Shores. It really makes me feel good to see how much joy the kids bring to others. Some people tear up and others just laugh at the thought of 5 two year olds. This year it was special because I brought Molly (my sisters little girl) with us. For those that don't know, Molly was born with cancer and at 2 weeks old she had a kidney removed then shortly after that completed 19 weeks of chemotherapy. Molly is cancer free and thriving. The people at Crista Shores prayed for her and they were elated to see her walk through the door. I try to have her over to our house once a week because her cousins adore her. We are planning to visit 5 more senior homes in the next few months. It is rewarding to say the least.
Mike and I took the kids to see Santa and Mrs. Claus at Clear Creek Nursery last Saturday. Lilli couldn't wait to see him but the others were a little scared. Scarlett nearly hyperventilated, she was so scared. She wanted nothing to do with Santa. Weston tried to be brave for his sisters and he stood frozen with big eyes. Maybe they will like him better next year. Before bed that night Scarlett said "I don't want Santa to come".
We had a interview with a local paper this week and Weston got most of the attention telling Charles (the writer) that he had a penis like daddy. He said it over and over while stripping off his clothes in front of the photographer. Finally after the hundredth time of saying " I have a penis" Charles laughed and said "I am happy for you buddy." I never know what is going to come out of their mouths these days.
Everyone is close to being potty trained. Belle, Aniston and Cami are doing great. Weston likes to open the front door and pee outside. I find little puddles every now and then on the floor. Usually I discover the pee pee after I slipped or stepped in it. Aniston is always quick to point out the urinator, she takes on that first born role. Scarlett is struggling as well. She asks me for a diaper, puts it on herself and goes in the bathroom. Then comes out and says "change me I pooped in my diaper". I have bribed her with everything I can think of. Sometimes she thinks about it and then I find her behind chairs or under the table going to the bathroom. Lately her new spot is behind the Christmas tree.
Mike is still adjusting to being home or should I say I am adjusting to Mike being home. Oh it is hard anyway you look at it. He joined the electrical union and we are hoping to find something close to home. The last job he was on, he commuted 2 hours there and 2 hours back. I am going back to school next quarter to finish my education degree. I am still teaching aerobics 2-4 days a week at West Coast Fitness. They are awesome to give me free daycare while I work. I load the kids up every Thursday and Friday, then pick up my friend Sara and 3 other kids. We drop all the big kids off at school and head to the gym. Sara is such a good sport about all the chaos the kids create. Thanks Sara you are a true friend.
I trust that god will give us what we need when we need it. It seems to always work that way. When times get hard, you just adjust and that's what we are doing. The kids, Mike and I have what we need. We feel blessed to have a healthy family and a home. thank you too the businesses (and individuals) who donated and helped build our home last year. There were alot of very generous people who gave materials, time and expertise I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New year.
If you are in need of a calendar please don't hesitate to order one online or email me They make great Christmas gift and are defiantly a conversation piece.
P.S. I have been looking for easy inexpensive recipes if you have any please email me.
Lots of Love, Courtnee

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November only, Limited Edition family portrait sessions

The holidays will come and go before you know it, so now's the time to take advantage of Coffeehouse Photography's limited edition family photo sessions. There will only be 8 more shoots booked for the rest of the year, as we too spend time with our families over the holidays.

Every year I look forward to getting new family photos done to send out as holiday cards and for gifts to give out to my family and friends, and here's your opportunity to do the same. Now through the end of the month, you can let us capture you and your family in a familiar setting such as your home or a favorite location of your choice (In the Kitsap area only, please). Book your session on the weekend and get two photographers for the same price. (Steve and Courtnee will both be shooting)

The cost is $325. This amount covers the session (Approx. 45 minutes) and one professionally retouched image of your choice for your Christmas card and a signature 8x10 print perfect for framing. All the images will be available on our Website for purchase, in addition to hundreds of personalized products including holiday cards, wall calendars, framed prints, mouse pads, and lots more.

SESSIONS MUST TAKE PLACE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 1ST! There is LIMITED availability, so shoot an email over to to set up your session now!

To browse photos from a couple of our recent shoots, copy and paste or just click on the following link to start the show.

To browse the product catalog, just visit and click on the 2008 Catalog link on the top of every page for more information.

Monday, November 3, 2008



We had the best time going door to door. Weston giggled from house to house collecting candy. Belle enjoyed being in the back opening one candy bar after another. Cami danced back and forth with her adorable grin across her face. Scarlett got candy and then went back to the door with the hope no one noticed she was double dipping.Aniston jumped up and down and yelled trick or treat with her little lisp. Lilli was a starlet, her dress was so long it drug from door to door. Every now and then she would hike it up so high her unders would show. We all laughed and enjoyed the kids. It was a stress relief to laughing and having fun.
I hate to even say it but Mike once again is laid off. He has been home for 2 weeks and we are hoping for him to find something soon. I think the kids have started driving him crazy. It is funny how mom's can look passed the crying and fighting. He asked me the other day why they cry so much. hmmmm. I hope he is getting a little taste of what it is like to be at home with 6 kids. I'll keep you updated.
Each holiday gets better I cannot wait for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Calendars are almost here

Calendar pictures that didn't make it

Hi everyone it is that time of year and yes, the calendars are almost here!! These are a few pictures that didn't make the grade but still super precious.. Since everyone is hurting this year for money I am trying to bring the price down to $10.00.I plan on selling adds for 20-40 dollars. if you would like to place a add, sell them on your site or at bazaar's please contact me we should be putting pay pal on our site in the next few days. I have made Christmas cards as well. I will update everyone at the end of next week on my progress.
The kids are loving the new house. Lilli turned 6 last week and the kids still are singing happy birthday. Mike is working in Renton. We are praying like everyone else about our economy. Mike has a week or two left of work before his job ends. we are not sure what he will do from there. I know god will provide.
Have a fabulous day!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home sweet home

In 1995 Mike and I purchased our first home, a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom 900 square foot mobile home. I could not wait for something of my own. At the time we thought we would spend a few years in our mobile and then build on our property. We never wanted to live beyond our means. I fixed up my home and in 2002 prepared a beautiful nursery for my first baby. Lilli entered the world and I was forever changed. She became everything to me and I knew I would sacrifice anything just to be with her. Mike was making only $9.00 per hour and we watched every penny. I was very thankful we had a home and took pride in what we had.

Later that year I asked Mike how he would feel if I had a daycare inside of our home. I figured if we built a bigger home I could stay home with Lilli. I had become very good at stretching money, however I knew there would be no way for us to make payments on a construction loan and our current home. We rented the mobile and we put everything we owned in Mike’s mother’s home. Mike and I purchased a 5th wheel for the three of us to live in. The summer felt unbearable and for Christmas we decorated a tree outside. Lilli would look out the window and say “pretty”. Bless her heart! She had no idea that living in a 5th wheel was not fun! I kept pressing forward and reassuring myself that this would be a small sacrifice.

Living in that situation made me face just how dysfunctional my marriage had become. Mike worked with the tides which meant he worked graveyard. Those that know us know that Mike and I are complete opposites. Mike still loved to go out and socialize and I did not want to leave Lilli for even a minute. I came to terms with my husband’s addictions during this time. I started seeing my living situation as never-ending. One year later I was still in a 5th wheel with no building permit and a husband who had just checked into rehab.

At this time I saw everything slip away. Lilli and I stayed at my mom’s house in Oregon while Mike spent a month and half in rehab. I did not know if my marriage was going to make it. I grieved over my marriage and the loss of my dreams. I had pictured myself in a beautiful home with a husband and 2 or 3 kids and everything seemed to be falling apart. After Mike got out of rehab I refused to live another day in the 5th wheel. Once again we moved back into the mobile.

I felt defeated about our living situation but at the same time felt lucky that my husband was healthy. Mike and I started to laugh again. We went to church on Sundays. I felt the disappointment fade. Lilli was turning 3 and we wanted to give her a bother or sister. I could not wait to do it right this time. Mike would be healthy this go around and we would be doing everything together. Since I do not have a menstrual cycle I cannot get pregnant without medication. I made an appointment with the fertility specialist. We started looking into the daycare and the house situation all over again. In that same month we got a building permit. I was back on course. I got bids from companies and everything started taking shape.

And then yep you guess it – QUINTS? Well the house and the daycare would no longer work since I would have too many kids to even be legal!

We had just started attending New Life Church in Silverdale. Mike was still very new to church but I think he really felt accepted there. Word got around quickly about my pregnancy and the decision I had made to not reduce any of my babies. I really needed comfort and reassurance and the church gave that to me. I was approached by a group of people eager to help. Mike and I met at a friend’s house and our new friends prayed for our family. I felt unbelievably touched and accepted. A few weeks later I got a phone call for another meeting. We sat at the table and discussed what it would take to continue our house plans. The church then set up an account for donations. The church and channel 4 tried to raise awareness about our situation. As time went by Mike and I made plans for our home while I lay in my hospital bed awaiting the babies’ arrival. As my delivery day moved closer I become concerned that things were not moving as quickly as we had planned. When Mike pressed for information as to when the house would begin everyone involved concluded that we should prepare to rent. We were told to find a place to rent and that the rent would be taken care of. I was overjoyed with that decision. Our mobile was 10 years old and need a lot of work. The house we chose was in downtown Poulsbo. It was a darling blue two story and it would be available just in time for the kids to come home. I pictured my family walking strolling downtown. I measured for curtains and all the necessary home items. The babies were born and Mike and I spent lots of time traveling back and forth from Seattle. I had a tough time recovering. I had not even walked in five months and my energy level was next to nothing. Our insurance company paid to put us up in an apartment on First Hill in Seattle. The apartment was so dirty, I hated to even put my head on the pillow. I kept thinking that soon we would be in our home in Poulsbo and everything would be clean and fresh. I got a call that Aniston would be coming within a few days. I panicked since our house was not ready to move into for another two weeks.. We made arrangements to live with my mother-in-law. Belle came home next and then Cami. Mike and I were exhausted. Our pastor came to see the babies and after the conversation we had a tough decision to make. He explained the church had collected $20,000 from all the media attention. If we rented for a year it would deplete the money for our home. I was disappointed and hurt. Mike and I once again misunderstood the situation. Mike and I took matters into our own hands decided the mobile home would be the place to live. Preemies require a special environment and we prepared the mobile for them. Mike ripped out the carpet and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. During this time we were all alone. I called my good friend Julie Holberg and she offered her husband’s help. Trevor Holberg and Mike worked day and night until the mobile was ready. By this time all the babies were home and the volunteers were trickling in. I cannot believe we fit all the volunteers and our family in that house for a year!

Our house was still not making headway. It seemed like there were so many people involved but no decisions were being made. People began to drop out of the project. Mike was at the end of his rope. The media attention had died and so did the house. Finally my pastor came to me and said it was more than what the church could do. My heart sunk. The pastor felt that there had never been an offer to build the house but only to “help” build us a home. Once more Mike and I had apparently misunderstood.

It seemed that whenever people met us our saw us out in public they would say “Oh, you are the couple that New Life built the house for!” Our entire community believed we were living in a new house! I felt that the church had done many good things for us and I did not want to appear ungrateful. I would respond with “It is still in the works but taking longer than we anticipated.” I was not sure how to clear up the misconception and I am still not sure.

There are many things about the situation that sadden me. The biggest thing is I feel Mike’s relationship with God was hurt. I think he sees the work of God in our family but he just does not have the same faith in churches. I continue to pray for him to reconnect with the Christian community.

At the end of the first year the kids began to crawl and a few times they got tripped. Now it seemed to be more of a safety concern rather than just a matter of close quarters. My dad offered to let us move in his house. Once more Mike and I made the decision to move. This time we had tons of volunteers helping us. Thanks to them the move went smooth and the kids adjusted well. Summer came and went and the hard thing about living at my Dad’s was there is absolutely no yard. The back butts right up to the property line. We made the best of it and often loaded up the kids and took them to parks. Our loyal volunteers went through all the stress of trying to get our house of the ground with us. They put their heads together and created a plan to help us build our house. After a lot hard work – mostly paperwork – the quintuplet foundation was established the house was back in action. I made calendars of the kids and sold them wherever I could. We had bake sales and an auction. The foundation called local businesses for discounts and donations. These are the wonderful individuals who deserve the credit for our home being built. They sat in the cold selling things and collecting diapers. They felt all our growing pains and frustrations with our living situation. With everything they did we managed to raise $120,000 in donations. That was labor, money and materials. I want to let everyone out there know how humbled I am by their generosity and kindness. Your kindness and caring made our home affordable for Mike and me. We now have a $400,000 loan which is a lot but we will make it work. The house has come at a very heavy price. I received nasty letters from some people. One awful letter even suggested we give our babies to Brad and Angelina as they were looking for more children. I was criticized and chastised for accepting donations with some letter suggesting that Mike and I did not work for what we had. We have lost friends in this process and we are sorry for all the miss communication that took place. I have learned a ton about people as well. Everything comes with a price. I am just happy the house is finished and we can finally put a close on that part of our lives. God made everything happen in his time. The gift of learning and sharing came out of this experience. I praise God for providing friends, family and much determination.

Thank you to all the people who helped make our home a reality! The woman leading the project was Mary Davidson. Mary, words cannot even say how much you mean to my family and me. From the first day I met you, you have stood at our family’s side. Thank you, thank you for making our home possible. You pushed Mike and me when we wanted to give up. Through all the tears and education we made it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My kids are out of control!!!!!

Oh boy are the kids out of control. Will I survive the terrible two’s? I think I have a way of making things look rosy. Our beautiful home is almost done. I should be really really happy but my kids have lost their mind. Mike hasn’t been home in I don’t know how many months. I honestly cannot remember the last time he spent even a half a day with us. Lilli is looking for every bit of attention she can (good or bad). The kids are fighting all the time. Scarlett scratched Cami across the face and left a huge gash. Belle bit Scarlett in the face this morning and left bite marks and a bruise. Weston screamed from 2:00am until he went down for his nap. And Aniston has a huge bite on the top of her hand from Belle. I know there are mothers out there right now reading this and thinking “thank god it is not just my child acting this way” I am sorry for not sharing with you all the crazy days as well as the good days. My kids are beautiful, smart and adorable but at times I feel I am loosing my mind. I am still questioning myself if I want to post this truth. I am tired and feel beat down. I want so badly to do things on my own. Thursday night I fed the kids and started a bath. And yes it was just me home. Everything was a mess the house the kids not to mention me. I put them in the tub and washed them one by one. I dried 2 off and ran them down stairs. From the time I walked down stairs and walked up again Scarlett, Belle and Aniston managed to dump all the water out of the tub onto the floor. I wiped the water up as quickly as I could and brought the 3 monsters down stairs to join there screaming brother and sister. Just them I realized water was coming out of all the lights on the ceiling. ( Dad if you are reading this your house is fine trust me) I ran up stairs to clean up the rest of the water and ran back down stairs. My 5 darlings had there mouths open like little birds drinking this disgusting water. These incidence happen daily. Please don’t send me any hate mail for writing this. And yes I do get mail saying you knew what you were doing when you took fertility to get pregnant. And that is usually the kindest sentence in the letter. I hope all the moms out there struggling every day to keep it together see they are not the alone. The truth is I love my kids so much it hurts. I expect way to much out of myself out of fear someone will think I am not perfect. Where is that fine line? When do you let your house work build up around you and your kids walk around with a dirty face. A part of me see’s that has failing and the other part says go with the flow. People always ask How do you do it? And I smile and say day by day. Maybe I should start thinking minute to minute and allow myself to fail once in awhile.
For all that life sends my way I am thankful everyday to have healthy children. There are people that have struggles way worse then mine. Thanks for listening.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please Pray

Hi everyone my best friend Holly needs your help.Please pray for her daughter chassy. 3 days ago she fell and hit her head. I got a call today she was airlifted to Harbor View with a brain aneurysm. Chassy is a beautiful 22 year old with a darling little boy. I will update you all on her condition. You can email Holly
Many Thanks,

Monday, July 14, 2008

at the beach

At the Beach

Hello everyone we went to the Silverdale waterfront today and it was beautiful!! The kids had a great time. The house is coming along. The painters were in this weekend. Thank you to all the people that volunteered. please send me your photos and I can share them with everyone. I am going take new pictures of the house in the next few days.
Lots of love,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

july 4th weekend

4th of July weekend

We had a fun weekend. Saturday Mike and I worked on the house taping and painting. Then we all went to my aunts house in Poulsbo. Her yard is huge and the kids ran everywhere. Today My sister, Molly and Steve visited. Steve took our family pictures and I played with my adorable little niece. you cannot even tell she ever had cancer. she is a Rolly poly beautiful Brite eyed baby. Cami decided to move back to Washington. we have a business plan in mind. We would like to have a online store which provides organic clothing and food. Cami wants to work with the clothing part of it. Carrie Kerr and I will be working on a organic food line. I know we all miss the video updates and within the next month, Cami will be helping me with that as well. If you want to check out the video section I put Americas favorite Mom, The 2nd Montel and evening magazine up. Also look in the next few days I will have family photos. Lots of new adventures around the corner. life is good.

Keep Smiling

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lilli's Ballet recital

I forgot to show Lilli's ballet recital. I was so proud. She had a fever that day but she did unbelievable and was a trooper.
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zoo pictures

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The Zoo

I am getting terrible at writing my blogs. I know everyone out there keeps emailing me for a up date. The kids have had cold after cold. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have a ear infection. Aniston had one as well.
We are getting close to moving in. Mike and I don't remember what it's like to have time as a family. I told him if building a house and having quints didn't brake up our marriage we must be doing ok.
We went to the aquarium last Tuesday and the zoo this Tuesday. My friend Amanda brought her twin girls (they are 3) and Clark (5) . Then I had Lilli and the quints. What was I thinking. 9 kids and 4 adults. Aniston was sick the entire time. she laid there in the stroller and repeated "I sick" Kids were everywhere. My kids wanted in and out of the strollers. At one point Lilli came up to me sobbing because she couldn't find me. I really try to take the kids out as much as I can. I feel sorry for them sometimes. We have been locked up in this house for so long with no yard. All in all it wasn't a total disaster. when I asked them what there favorite part was they say the goats. oh boy, next time I will take them down the road to see the next door neighbors goat.
I better get some sleep I am taking the 7:20 ferry in the morning. Deb, Sherry and I are going to Women of Faith at the Key arena.
Keep smiling!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Americas favorite Mom

I know this blog is long over due. Happy belated mothers day to all the moms out there. OK so I wasn’t voted Americas favorite mom but Lilli said “Mom you are my favorite mom” after it was all over. It melted my heart. 2 days before leaving I got the flu. I actually passed out on the floor in my own vomit it was that bad. I was waiting my turn since the kids and Mike had it the week before. Still under the weather, I left for New York Friday afternoon and arrived in my hotel at 10:00pm. I ordered room service since I had not eaten all day for fear it would make me sick. I turned on LOST and got ready to dig in and then I noticed the waiter forgot my silverware. I called room service to let them know and a recording came on that said they “we are now closed for the night.” I then laid there in bed with my $30.00 stake meal and ate it with my hands. The next morning I taped at the Today show. I meant Gwen and Lisa, too very incredible women. We taped the show and then jumped on a 12:00 flight to LA. The kids and Mike came in at the same time and we meant in the airport and proceeded to our hotel. We had dinner and went to bed early. The kids went right to sleep and slept through the night
Saturday I spent the day with 15 amazing women. Women that will be a part of my life forever. We all bonded quickly and I loved to hear their stories. Jen Keller and I hit it off ( she was the women that adopted babies addicted to meth) The kids went to Sana Monica pier. Later that night we taped the show and yes my little 2 year old darlings were in the audience. That was a little crazy for 2 hours we tried to keep the kids quit. When I saw the show you can hear them in the back ground. . The 2nd night didn’t go so well they learned to climb out of the cribs and then they wanted to party at 3:30 am. Thank you Mom, Jamie, Deb, Elaine, Sherry and Tony for putting up with my little monsters. Sunday we returned home at 6:00. It was a whirlwind trip. I didn’t win the big money however, I did walk away with $10,000 well $6,000 after taxes. Not to mention wonderful new friends and lots of memories.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Americas favorite Mom

What a adventure I am having. Wednesday was a magical day. Evening
Magazine surprised me with a special day. make sure you all watch on channel 5 Thursday May 8th.
I am leaving for New York Thursday May 8th and then if I make the finals I will leave for LA on Friday May 9th . I will be on the Today show Friday May 9th at 9:00.

Please I need everyone’s HELP!
You can vote 10 times per email address
VOTE ONLY May 9th from 9am-9pm
Please email everyone you know this is a amazing honor out of 18,000 wonderful mothers I have been chosen in the top 15.
Mary will have fliers if anyone needs anything to get the word out please let me know. A meeting will be set up on Thursday and the volunteers will be hitting the streets with lap tops and fliers.
If this is something you would like to participate in please contact or me

Friday, April 25, 2008

picture of ella

Ella is a Miracle

Miracles are all around us. Those close to me know My niece Ella was diagnosed with a rare condition called aicardi syndrome. Ella was born on mothers day of my sister-in-law, Erin. Erin and I had planned to get pregnant together. For years we talked about how wonderful it will be to go through a pregnancy together. This was Erin’s first baby and I expected to be there from beginning to end.. Because my pregnancy was so intense I missed a lot of her pregnancy and birth. The day Ella was born my last two babies came home. It was a happy day for us all. As I was trying to grasp having 5 new babies Erin was figuring out motherhood. I missed seeing her and talking with her. Every now and then she would stop my with Ella and we would admire all the kids together. 4 Months later our smiles turned into tears when Ella was diagnosed with Aicardi. For those that don know what this is it is a Moderate-to-severe global developmental delay and mental retardation are expected. Girls with Aicardi syndrome often develop seizures prior to three months and most before one year of age. Ongoing medically refractory epilepsy with a variety of seizure types develops over time. Costovertebral defects are common and can lead to marked scoliosis in up to one third of affected individuals. Other features include characteristic facial features, gastrointestinal difficulties, small hands, vascular malformations and pigmentary lesions of the skin, increased incidence of tumors, lower growth rate after ages seven to nine years, and precocious or delayed puberty. Survival is highly variable, with the mean age of death about 8.3 years and the median age of death about 18.5 years.
Ella’s seizers were happening more and more sometimes up to 10 times a day. We were all heart broken. Then Erin discovered a treatment for patients with seizers. It is a diet that made the body think it was starving.It is a high fat diet and very monitored. This diet dates back to biblical days. Ella’s condition began to change and she started sitting up, crawling and pulling herself up. The seizers slowed and then stopped. We were all still afraid of getting to our hopes up.
Last week Ella went into the doctor and Erin was told Ella was misdiagnosed. She does have seizers however, the doctors now feel they may never come back. And if they do she will have mild epilepsy.
God is at work in this family. My sisters baby being cured of cancer. And then Ella and the quints.
I just want to let both of my sisters to know they are amazing for what they have been through and I am so very proud of them. our entire family is thankful for gods grace. I love you all!!
Auntie Courtnee

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Montel Williams Show

HI we were on the Montel Williams Show this morning they ran a rerun. The kids have changed so much since then.
We had a bad day yesterday. Mike and I got a BIG surprise. Mike went to work and they laid everyone off in his company. I walked around with a big lump in my throut. It is sad but I believe there is something better in store. Mabey medical ins. or retirement will be offered. If anyone out there has a lead for a Journeymen Electrician let me know.
Lots of Love,

Sunday, April 6, 2008

pictures of Molly

Hi everyone I just got these pictures of Molly and I want to share them with you all. You can see she is happy and healthy. Her cancer is gone and I am looking forward to her living in Washington soon.
The kids and I went to church this morning. People are always amazed at how healthy they are. I have to admit I always smile when they are saying "you could never tell they were preemies." My little chubbies love to eat. Mike has worked 60 hours at his regular job and then another 8 today at the house. We know it won't always be this hard. The house is coming along. Our framing inspection passed. Next is sheet rock. The sweet Judkin family has offered their services. I love the Judkins, not only are they helping on the house their family brings us dinner once a month. It is not just any dinner it is a huge home baked feast. Homemade rolls and jam everything down to the desert.
Have a great week

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kathi Girtson

Hi everyone I am writing so you can pray once again. Kathi Goertzen has covered our story from day one. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people I have ever meant. Last week she told me her brain tumor was back for the third time and today she went public. You can watch her story on the channel 4 news or she is asking for only prayers. When I was in the hospital having the babies Kathi was going through chemo. she was scared for her life and I was scared for my children's lives. What you saw on TV was a deep love and compassion for one another. when I was lonely laying in that hospital bed she would call to see how I was doing. Her voice would make me smile and her up lifting words would get me through another day. She is having a 3 hour surgery today to remove part of the tumor. since the tumor is so close to the brain stem if the take it all she could loose her speech or worse. pray for this tumor to stop growing. you can leave her a message 206-404-5284 she has given out this phone number to listen to all the prayers and kind words you all have to say.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letter from my mom

I want to share a letter with you my mom wrote. The lesson behind it is do not judge and god gives miracles.
Thank you to all my friends who have listened to my worries, asked after our precious Molly and prayed for her. I truly believe that wonderful things happened because a group of kind people directed loving thoughts and prayers to our baby. It helped of course to have excellent doctors!

I will never forget the children at Dornbecker Children's Hospital. Kids who are stricken with cancer have a weary look in their eyes that no little person should have. They have seen to much and felt too much pain. Their mothers and fathers look exhausted and sad. The other children in the family are ignored a lot and snapped at for asking to go to the bathroom. You see the effect of a serious ill child on the whole family.

When Molly spent some time in the hospital after having a kidney removed there was a little girl about 5 years old in the next room. I heard her moaning and crying a lot. She was beyond thin, bald and looked as if she was not long for this world. As the hours went by I felt so angry that she was alone a lot.....where was her mother? Later on I went to the cafeteria to get Cami and I some dinner and I shared the elevator with a tired and harassed looking woman wearing a Home Depot vest. She rushed through the door and went straight to the little girl next door. Through the window I saw her hugging the little girl and singing to her. Later I saw her in the hall talking with a nurse with tears falling down her face. I felt really ashamed. Duhh...her mother had to work! How awful to be in that situation. I'm sure her day at work was horrible, wishing she could be with her child. My son-in-law has a good job with great health benefits. Life is hard enough when your child has been diagnosed with cancer but if you have low resources it is truly a desperate situation. My eyes were opened to the incredible need for help for these families.

Molly is such a loving baby. She already kisses and hugs. I'm so grateful for her healing. My daughter Cami is my hero. Because her husband Steve works out of town most the week, she was alone a lot with Molly. Hours are long and lonely when you are taking your baby to chemo alone. Cami had to change bandages, flush out the Hickman and a variety of "nurse-like" duties. Several times I heard her tell the nurses what they had missed, naming all the pharmaceutical poisons along with their exact amounts. She was vigilant and watchful over Molly. She was brave. I am so proud of her. A first baby is enough to make any woman slightly neurotic...when your first baby is diagnosed with cancer it is a nightmare.

Best wishes and love to all of you.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Molly is Cancer free and the babies will be 2

Molly (my 5 month old niece)is done with chemo and the scan says she is cancer free. Cami and Molly surprised me on my birthday. I spent two days with Molly and what a beautiful blessing she is to my family. She loved the quints and Lilli. The smile across her face was evident she adored them as they adored her. This has been a rough road for my niece and sister and once again god stepped in and gave us a miracle. It really brings life into perspective when you have a sick child. If you have children give them a extra hug and kiss today and celebrate there health. Once we move out of our dads house Cami and Steve will be moving in. I cannot wait to have my sister home.
OK now for business the babies birthday is the 30th of this week and I want everyone to bring themselves, their children, and grandchildren for a free skate on us. Sat. the 29th at Skateland in Bremerton from 5-7. I will only be sending email invites however, if you see this, your invited. Please no gifts. If you would like to make a donation to the quints foundation a table will be set up. Can you believe they are 2? We are also going back to Swedish Friday the 28th to share the kids with the doctors and nurses that helped them enter this world. I watched some video the other day and it seems like that was so long ago. I had no idea what was in store for me. check out the flash site I put more photos on and we will be adding a new updated video.
The family has been sick for a few days. Belle and Weston are getting neb treatments and I am not sleeping. Therefore, last night I was up from 1:00-4:00 with 4 sick kids. Cami had surgery on her mouth the other day. It seems she was born with no enamel on her teeth. If that is the only health issue we have I'll take it.
We are still in the process of submitting a documentary to discovery. This would really be helpful in finishing our house if it comes through. I also have something in the works with a major station but haven't found out about the out come yet. Sorry I cannot give details about that yet. Sherry is still trying to get together the Deal or No Deal video. There is tones of stuff we are looking into. I am determined to get this house done. The faster we get it done the faster my sister can be her and my kids will have a yard to play in.
Thank you for following our story I am always grateful for what I was given and Humbled by the responses I get from you all.
Lots of Love, Courtnee

Saturday, February 16, 2008

a message from Courtnee's mom

Super Mom Courtnee

When Courtnee found out she was pregnant with quintuplets she was terrified. The doctors and nurses told her she must eliminate at least 2 of the babies through a reduction process or her life and the children's lives could be in danger. She was incredibly ill, barely able to stand and could not keep much food down. She had one adored child, Lilli, age 3 who needed her as well. For at least a week Courtnee agonized, consulted family, prayed and came to a peaceful decision to have her children. The pregnancy itself was agony. She was required to be on bed rest at a hospital in another city. She did everything the doctors and nurses asked of her, she endured medication that left her unable to focus her eyes to end contractions. Amazingly, she did it with grace. Every day Courtnee, fixed her hair, applied her makeup and smiled and chatted with nurses, doctors, people who cleaned her room and brought her food. Often she had a gathering of hospital personnel chatting at her bedside...everyone was drawn to her warmth. When the day came to deliver her babies, she went to the operating room with a smile on her face. All 5 babies were and are amazingly healthy. Today the quints will be turning two on March 30th. Lilli is 5. Although the hours are exhausting, noisy, messy and demanding, Courtnee speaks to each child with gentle voice, she stays extremely calm in the face of chaos. Courtnee treats each child as an individual and loves and celebrates their existance. Courtnee wanted to be a mother her whole life and it shows. Her children are clean, healthy and happy (most of the time!) When you call Courtnee on the phone or drop by she has the same warm and happy smile and welcoming "Hi! I'm glad you are here!" Her children reflect her warm personality and often hug and kiss the volunteers who sometimes come to help. Courtnee has done the near impossible - she has created a warm, nurturing, loving home for 6 children 5 and under! I would venture to say is the rarest of Moms! Help us get courtnee nominated for americas favorite Mom log on to you are allowed to vote 1 time daily.

Lots of thanks,

Cheri (courtnee's mom)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please Vote for Courtnee for America's Favorite Mom

I nominated Courtnee for America's Favorite Mom. Please go to to vote for her. If you know Courtnee or even know of Courtnee I'm sure you will agree she is one Mom in a million! This could be a chance for her to win some cash that would help finish that house so please everyone vote each day if you have time. Once you get to the site it will ask you for information to log in, then you can fill her name and it will take you to her picture and information.

Thanks so much for your help. Our family is so grateful for the wonderful people who have helped this family build their house. The quints will be 2 years old soon and Lilli is 5 ----they are currently busting at the seams!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sick kids

Life has not been fun these days. It seems like every part of our lives are turned upside down. Aniston, Weston, and Belle have all had the stomach flu. Just when I think they could not throw up any more there it comes again. I am am just waiting for it to make its way through the entire house. A special thaks to Barb and Jessie for helping me on saturday. the kids woke at 7:00, 2 were throwing up and I was alone. my cloths were completly filled with, well you all know. I stripped them off right in the living room and started to clean Belle and Weston as Lilli stood by screaming "oh no yuck!!!" Looking at the carpet I could see there was know hope of cleaning it so I began to role it up. there were lamp shades knocked over, kids screaming, Lilli gagging and me still in my underware. I pushed the rug into the garage and just when I started to take a breath the door opened and Barb and Jessie appeared. I am sure it was shocking to see 6 kids crying, the smell of vomit in the air, things everywhere and me standing there in my underware smelling of vomit.
Mike is completly obsessed with getting the house done. To the point of being unhealthy. Day and night he spends there. We are getting close I guess around June it will be finished. Lilli tells me she wants to run away and I always tell her "as long as I can go" so we close our eyes and imagine were we would go and how peaceful it would be. Sometimes I feel I could just open the door and scream for hours. I know I am venting today. I would not change my life for anything because I have 6 of the most beautiful gifts. But wow I am beat up these days!!!
Oh these pictures were taken at a retirement home. we go to these homes once a week. you should see the smiles and tears my kids can stur up. Alot of these people are so lonly and the kids really britten there day.

Jan. 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

editors challenge

Wow look at how the house is coming along! God is answering prayers! This is a real exciting time for Courtnee and Mike but there is still so much to be done. We all want to thank Charles at the Bremerton Patriot for coming to our rescue. He has set up a challenge between the Bremerton Patriot and their sister paper, The Central Kitsap Reporter to see who can raise the most the most money. Each week businesses and individual names are displayed on the front page of the paper. People every where are now aware of the Stevenson's situation and they are ready to help. We, the volunteers, are committed to finishing their home. Thank you for supporting them. I know the community will fall in love with these children as much as I have. Please help keep the momentum up and spread the word. The children have changed all our lives and we know one day they will do great things for others. For more information on the home please contact me or contact the patriot
Much love and prayers,
Mary Davidson