Saturday, February 16, 2008

a message from Courtnee's mom

Super Mom Courtnee

When Courtnee found out she was pregnant with quintuplets she was terrified. The doctors and nurses told her she must eliminate at least 2 of the babies through a reduction process or her life and the children's lives could be in danger. She was incredibly ill, barely able to stand and could not keep much food down. She had one adored child, Lilli, age 3 who needed her as well. For at least a week Courtnee agonized, consulted family, prayed and came to a peaceful decision to have her children. The pregnancy itself was agony. She was required to be on bed rest at a hospital in another city. She did everything the doctors and nurses asked of her, she endured medication that left her unable to focus her eyes to end contractions. Amazingly, she did it with grace. Every day Courtnee, fixed her hair, applied her makeup and smiled and chatted with nurses, doctors, people who cleaned her room and brought her food. Often she had a gathering of hospital personnel chatting at her bedside...everyone was drawn to her warmth. When the day came to deliver her babies, she went to the operating room with a smile on her face. All 5 babies were and are amazingly healthy. Today the quints will be turning two on March 30th. Lilli is 5. Although the hours are exhausting, noisy, messy and demanding, Courtnee speaks to each child with gentle voice, she stays extremely calm in the face of chaos. Courtnee treats each child as an individual and loves and celebrates their existance. Courtnee wanted to be a mother her whole life and it shows. Her children are clean, healthy and happy (most of the time!) When you call Courtnee on the phone or drop by she has the same warm and happy smile and welcoming "Hi! I'm glad you are here!" Her children reflect her warm personality and often hug and kiss the volunteers who sometimes come to help. Courtnee has done the near impossible - she has created a warm, nurturing, loving home for 6 children 5 and under! I would venture to say is the rarest of Moms! Help us get courtnee nominated for americas favorite Mom log on to you are allowed to vote 1 time daily.

Lots of thanks,

Cheri (courtnee's mom)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please Vote for Courtnee for America's Favorite Mom

I nominated Courtnee for America's Favorite Mom. Please go to to vote for her. If you know Courtnee or even know of Courtnee I'm sure you will agree she is one Mom in a million! This could be a chance for her to win some cash that would help finish that house so please everyone vote each day if you have time. Once you get to the site it will ask you for information to log in, then you can fill her name and it will take you to her picture and information.

Thanks so much for your help. Our family is so grateful for the wonderful people who have helped this family build their house. The quints will be 2 years old soon and Lilli is 5 ----they are currently busting at the seams!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sick kids

Life has not been fun these days. It seems like every part of our lives are turned upside down. Aniston, Weston, and Belle have all had the stomach flu. Just when I think they could not throw up any more there it comes again. I am am just waiting for it to make its way through the entire house. A special thaks to Barb and Jessie for helping me on saturday. the kids woke at 7:00, 2 were throwing up and I was alone. my cloths were completly filled with, well you all know. I stripped them off right in the living room and started to clean Belle and Weston as Lilli stood by screaming "oh no yuck!!!" Looking at the carpet I could see there was know hope of cleaning it so I began to role it up. there were lamp shades knocked over, kids screaming, Lilli gagging and me still in my underware. I pushed the rug into the garage and just when I started to take a breath the door opened and Barb and Jessie appeared. I am sure it was shocking to see 6 kids crying, the smell of vomit in the air, things everywhere and me standing there in my underware smelling of vomit.
Mike is completly obsessed with getting the house done. To the point of being unhealthy. Day and night he spends there. We are getting close I guess around June it will be finished. Lilli tells me she wants to run away and I always tell her "as long as I can go" so we close our eyes and imagine were we would go and how peaceful it would be. Sometimes I feel I could just open the door and scream for hours. I know I am venting today. I would not change my life for anything because I have 6 of the most beautiful gifts. But wow I am beat up these days!!!
Oh these pictures were taken at a retirement home. we go to these homes once a week. you should see the smiles and tears my kids can stur up. Alot of these people are so lonly and the kids really britten there day.

Jan. 2008