Monday, May 19, 2008

Americas favorite Mom

I know this blog is long over due. Happy belated mothers day to all the moms out there. OK so I wasn’t voted Americas favorite mom but Lilli said “Mom you are my favorite mom” after it was all over. It melted my heart. 2 days before leaving I got the flu. I actually passed out on the floor in my own vomit it was that bad. I was waiting my turn since the kids and Mike had it the week before. Still under the weather, I left for New York Friday afternoon and arrived in my hotel at 10:00pm. I ordered room service since I had not eaten all day for fear it would make me sick. I turned on LOST and got ready to dig in and then I noticed the waiter forgot my silverware. I called room service to let them know and a recording came on that said they “we are now closed for the night.” I then laid there in bed with my $30.00 stake meal and ate it with my hands. The next morning I taped at the Today show. I meant Gwen and Lisa, too very incredible women. We taped the show and then jumped on a 12:00 flight to LA. The kids and Mike came in at the same time and we meant in the airport and proceeded to our hotel. We had dinner and went to bed early. The kids went right to sleep and slept through the night
Saturday I spent the day with 15 amazing women. Women that will be a part of my life forever. We all bonded quickly and I loved to hear their stories. Jen Keller and I hit it off ( she was the women that adopted babies addicted to meth) The kids went to Sana Monica pier. Later that night we taped the show and yes my little 2 year old darlings were in the audience. That was a little crazy for 2 hours we tried to keep the kids quit. When I saw the show you can hear them in the back ground. . The 2nd night didn’t go so well they learned to climb out of the cribs and then they wanted to party at 3:30 am. Thank you Mom, Jamie, Deb, Elaine, Sherry and Tony for putting up with my little monsters. Sunday we returned home at 6:00. It was a whirlwind trip. I didn’t win the big money however, I did walk away with $10,000 well $6,000 after taxes. Not to mention wonderful new friends and lots of memories.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Americas favorite Mom

What a adventure I am having. Wednesday was a magical day. Evening
Magazine surprised me with a special day. make sure you all watch on channel 5 Thursday May 8th.
I am leaving for New York Thursday May 8th and then if I make the finals I will leave for LA on Friday May 9th . I will be on the Today show Friday May 9th at 9:00.

Please I need everyone’s HELP!
You can vote 10 times per email address
VOTE ONLY May 9th from 9am-9pm
Please email everyone you know this is a amazing honor out of 18,000 wonderful mothers I have been chosen in the top 15.
Mary will have fliers if anyone needs anything to get the word out please let me know. A meeting will be set up on Thursday and the volunteers will be hitting the streets with lap tops and fliers.
If this is something you would like to participate in please contact or me