Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letter from my mom

I want to share a letter with you my mom wrote. The lesson behind it is do not judge and god gives miracles.
Thank you to all my friends who have listened to my worries, asked after our precious Molly and prayed for her. I truly believe that wonderful things happened because a group of kind people directed loving thoughts and prayers to our baby. It helped of course to have excellent doctors!

I will never forget the children at Dornbecker Children's Hospital. Kids who are stricken with cancer have a weary look in their eyes that no little person should have. They have seen to much and felt too much pain. Their mothers and fathers look exhausted and sad. The other children in the family are ignored a lot and snapped at for asking to go to the bathroom. You see the effect of a serious ill child on the whole family.

When Molly spent some time in the hospital after having a kidney removed there was a little girl about 5 years old in the next room. I heard her moaning and crying a lot. She was beyond thin, bald and looked as if she was not long for this world. As the hours went by I felt so angry that she was alone a lot.....where was her mother? Later on I went to the cafeteria to get Cami and I some dinner and I shared the elevator with a tired and harassed looking woman wearing a Home Depot vest. She rushed through the door and went straight to the little girl next door. Through the window I saw her hugging the little girl and singing to her. Later I saw her in the hall talking with a nurse with tears falling down her face. I felt really ashamed. Duhh...her mother had to work! How awful to be in that situation. I'm sure her day at work was horrible, wishing she could be with her child. My son-in-law has a good job with great health benefits. Life is hard enough when your child has been diagnosed with cancer but if you have low resources it is truly a desperate situation. My eyes were opened to the incredible need for help for these families.

Molly is such a loving baby. She already kisses and hugs. I'm so grateful for her healing. My daughter Cami is my hero. Because her husband Steve works out of town most the week, she was alone a lot with Molly. Hours are long and lonely when you are taking your baby to chemo alone. Cami had to change bandages, flush out the Hickman and a variety of "nurse-like" duties. Several times I heard her tell the nurses what they had missed, naming all the pharmaceutical poisons along with their exact amounts. She was vigilant and watchful over Molly. She was brave. I am so proud of her. A first baby is enough to make any woman slightly neurotic...when your first baby is diagnosed with cancer it is a nightmare.

Best wishes and love to all of you.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Molly is Cancer free and the babies will be 2

Molly (my 5 month old niece)is done with chemo and the scan says she is cancer free. Cami and Molly surprised me on my birthday. I spent two days with Molly and what a beautiful blessing she is to my family. She loved the quints and Lilli. The smile across her face was evident she adored them as they adored her. This has been a rough road for my niece and sister and once again god stepped in and gave us a miracle. It really brings life into perspective when you have a sick child. If you have children give them a extra hug and kiss today and celebrate there health. Once we move out of our dads house Cami and Steve will be moving in. I cannot wait to have my sister home.
OK now for business the babies birthday is the 30th of this week and I want everyone to bring themselves, their children, and grandchildren for a free skate on us. Sat. the 29th at Skateland in Bremerton from 5-7. I will only be sending email invites however, if you see this, your invited. Please no gifts. If you would like to make a donation to the quints foundation a table will be set up. Can you believe they are 2? We are also going back to Swedish Friday the 28th to share the kids with the doctors and nurses that helped them enter this world. I watched some video the other day and it seems like that was so long ago. I had no idea what was in store for me. check out the flash site I put more photos on and we will be adding a new updated video.
The family has been sick for a few days. Belle and Weston are getting neb treatments and I am not sleeping. Therefore, last night I was up from 1:00-4:00 with 4 sick kids. Cami had surgery on her mouth the other day. It seems she was born with no enamel on her teeth. If that is the only health issue we have I'll take it.
We are still in the process of submitting a documentary to discovery. This would really be helpful in finishing our house if it comes through. I also have something in the works with a major station but haven't found out about the out come yet. Sorry I cannot give details about that yet. Sherry is still trying to get together the Deal or No Deal video. There is tones of stuff we are looking into. I am determined to get this house done. The faster we get it done the faster my sister can be her and my kids will have a yard to play in.
Thank you for following our story I am always grateful for what I was given and Humbled by the responses I get from you all.
Lots of Love, Courtnee