Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Calendars are almost here

Calendar pictures that didn't make it

Hi everyone it is that time of year and yes, the calendars are almost here!! These are a few pictures that didn't make the grade but still super precious.. Since everyone is hurting this year for money I am trying to bring the price down to $10.00.I plan on selling adds for 20-40 dollars. if you would like to place a add, sell them on your site or at bazaar's please contact me courtneestevenson@gmail.com we should be putting pay pal on our site in the next few days. I have made Christmas cards as well. I will update everyone at the end of next week on my progress.
The kids are loving the new house. Lilli turned 6 last week and the kids still are singing happy birthday. Mike is working in Renton. We are praying like everyone else about our economy. Mike has a week or two left of work before his job ends. we are not sure what he will do from there. I know god will provide.
Have a fabulous day!!