Thursday, January 29, 2009

2008 cute kids winners

Guess who has been named cutest multiples of 2008 by cute My babies!!! I am proud once again to be their mom. This is a honor considering it is one of the top most respected contests for children. You can read more about the contest if you go to Besides great publicity they won a$5,000 scholarship.
The kids have been really fussy. When I took them to the doctor everyone including Lilli had a ear infection. I decided to switch them to their own rooms because they waking one another up. Annie and Weston are sleeping in their own beds like good kids. Cami and Belle still ask to be zipped in there crib tent. And Scarlett well those that know her know she is not to be trusted. Scarlett is my little monkey she is always into everything. The other night I put her to bed and asked "what would you like to dream about tonight?" she looked at me and smiled and said "your make-up." I had to laugh since every time she is missing I find her in my bathroom all made up. The funny thing is she climbs 2 gates and get threw 2 child proof doors. If I didn't laugh I would cry.
lots of smiles

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lookhowmuch has changed

8 are Born and King 5 Visits

What a beutiful day for this family, they gave birth to 8 healthy babies. To learn more you can read the new york times article at:

We will be on channel 5 at 5:00 or around that time.

The kids just got over a cold/flu. I spent 5 out of 7 nights up all night. Oh, and they love to share so everyone that helped me that week came down with the same thing.

Mike got a job with a contracter on base. when HR called we yelled and jumped up and down. Mike told the lady on the other end of the phone we couldn't help ourselves. It is half the money he was making at his old job, but this job is permanent and more secure.

I have started school and it is going well. I am enjoying the break from "MAMA!!"

Please pray for the tiny eight babies born and I will up date you all when they release the parents names.

Lots of Love,