Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 are Born and King 5 Visits

What a beutiful day for this family, they gave birth to 8 healthy babies. To learn more you can read the new york times article at:


We will be on channel 5 at 5:00 or around that time.

The kids just got over a cold/flu. I spent 5 out of 7 nights up all night. Oh, and they love to share so everyone that helped me that week came down with the same thing.

Mike got a job with a contracter on base. when HR called we yelled and jumped up and down. Mike told the lady on the other end of the phone we couldn't help ourselves. It is half the money he was making at his old job, but this job is permanent and more secure.

I have started school and it is going well. I am enjoying the break from "MAMA!!"

Please pray for the tiny eight babies born and I will up date you all when they release the parents names.

Lots of Love,


Carol said...

So glad to have found you site, as I heard about your family many years ago and wondered what's come of you. I have four now-adult kids, including twins. Just as they say, the days sometimes pass so slowly, but the years definitely pass quickly!

Your kids are adorable!

Carol (another Pacific Northwest mom)

Jennifer said...

Courtnee your babys are so big and cutie pies. you never check your myspace page i have requested you as a friend 2 times. My baby is 3 now yours are turning 3 soon. i read your going to school? are you going to O.C. I have been going for 1 1/2 years for my Accounting Degree.I have 3 quarters left. What days are you on campus. I cant imagine you are commuting to a school out of town with all those babys. oh arnt you about ready for more kids. its perfect timeing dont ya think. HA HA we always knew you would have a house full of kids. well you could e-mail my school account Jennifercurry@olympic.edu and we could do lunch or somethin luv ya good luck Jen Haynes/Curry

Jennifer said...

Oh Court! What awesome news that Mike got a permanent AND local job! And you are going to school?! You are brave! I miss you.... My unemployed days didn't last long enough to get to spend more time with you. We should get together soon. Shoot me an email or call when you feel like getting out of the house or just want some company! Love ya lots, Jen

The White House said...

i actually saw you on the news tonight! i guess i know who to look for now! you did a great job! your house looked so clean!