Thursday, February 12, 2009

I dont know who is crazier that lady or my life

Ok I had no idea when I posted the last blog the lady was mental. I keep hearing her say I can do it all on my own. NEVER, NEVER it is not humanly possible. The first 9 months of the babies life I slept on a good night 2-4 hours. With help I still only slept 4 hours because I had to nurse or pump. I feel like I am a strong person and at times I cannot take the craziness of life and I only have 6. I do not agree with what she has done but it is done, and now we need to pray for the children involved. I will still continue to pray for the mother. What I would love for her to say is she thankful to God for there life of her children and she needs HELP mentally, spiritually, and physically. That is all I have to say about that.
Any how It is 6:30 am and the kids didn’t sleep again last night. First Aniston at 11:00 insisting there was a bug in her room. Cami around 2:00 crying because she was scared. Then that set Belle of and she repeated over and over “I want to sleep with MAMA!!” for 2 hours. Finally Cami got to sleep. “Oh no!!” Aniston is crying again and there goes Belle “I want MAMA!!” I brought Aniston and Belle into one single bed and all three of us snuggled into tight quarters. For an hour the two fought over who got to touch me. Ok by now it was 5:00 Belle had moved onto “I want a drink of water” over and over and aniston was fighting for her position in the bed. I finally got up to get Belle a drink of water and notice its already 5:30. Ahhh!!! After water and fighting they are finally asleep and now I am wide awake. And thinking about all the things I need to get done today. Like Drop Lilli of at school at 9:00 and then teach my aerobics class at 9:30. Pick Lilli up at 11:30 while dragging 2 of the other kids with me. Life is always crazy in the Stevenson house.
Mike is really liking his job. Some days he even come home for lunch. School is going well I have a 95% in my Algebra class. I have a great teacher because I am not by any means the kind of person to get things easily. I struggled with school because of my dyslexia I always thought I wasn’t smart however, now I know I just didn’t know how to work with my disability. With time I have learned I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Even survive 6 kids under of the age of 6.
Well I better start my day. I hope I put a smile on your face because after reading through this I cannot help but laugh at my life.