Friday, June 27, 2008

Lilli's Ballet recital

I forgot to show Lilli's ballet recital. I was so proud. She had a fever that day but she did unbelievable and was a trooper.
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zoo pictures

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The Zoo

I am getting terrible at writing my blogs. I know everyone out there keeps emailing me for a up date. The kids have had cold after cold. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have a ear infection. Aniston had one as well.
We are getting close to moving in. Mike and I don't remember what it's like to have time as a family. I told him if building a house and having quints didn't brake up our marriage we must be doing ok.
We went to the aquarium last Tuesday and the zoo this Tuesday. My friend Amanda brought her twin girls (they are 3) and Clark (5) . Then I had Lilli and the quints. What was I thinking. 9 kids and 4 adults. Aniston was sick the entire time. she laid there in the stroller and repeated "I sick" Kids were everywhere. My kids wanted in and out of the strollers. At one point Lilli came up to me sobbing because she couldn't find me. I really try to take the kids out as much as I can. I feel sorry for them sometimes. We have been locked up in this house for so long with no yard. All in all it wasn't a total disaster. when I asked them what there favorite part was they say the goats. oh boy, next time I will take them down the road to see the next door neighbors goat.
I better get some sleep I am taking the 7:20 ferry in the morning. Deb, Sherry and I are going to Women of Faith at the Key arena.
Keep smiling!!