Wednesday, January 23, 2008

editors challenge

Wow look at how the house is coming along! God is answering prayers! This is a real exciting time for Courtnee and Mike but there is still so much to be done. We all want to thank Charles at the Bremerton Patriot for coming to our rescue. He has set up a challenge between the Bremerton Patriot and their sister paper, The Central Kitsap Reporter to see who can raise the most the most money. Each week businesses and individual names are displayed on the front page of the paper. People every where are now aware of the Stevenson's situation and they are ready to help. We, the volunteers, are committed to finishing their home. Thank you for supporting them. I know the community will fall in love with these children as much as I have. Please help keep the momentum up and spread the word. The children have changed all our lives and we know one day they will do great things for others. For more information on the home please contact me or contact the patriot
Much love and prayers,
Mary Davidson