Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well as you can see the babies were not so happy to see Santa. We had to kick him out of his chair to get a picture. We are going Friday with Lilli and the babies. Molly's doing really well her dad Steve took pictures on thanksgiving and sent me the link, so check them out if you get a chance Mike is doing more electrical work this week on the house and the siding is going up. It is looking amazing. We are hoping to be in around February or March. Elaine got good news from a grant she applied for, $15,000 more than we ever could have hoped for. And we have a lead on some cabinets that Marilyn has been working on. God is good. Just when I was feeling defeated he steps in and saves us. we will now be able to finish up on a few more things.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hello I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my cousin Katey's house and had a great time. As you all can see Molly is doing much better she is now on her 6th week of chemo and the doctors said the worst is over. Molly is doing amazing we know god was really listening. Thank you to all the people that prayed for her. she still has 13 weeks left to go but the treatments won't be as bad.
As for the family we are doing well. The kids have been extra fussy the last couple of days. And this afternoon I went in to get the kids and Weston had stripped off all his cloths and he was covered head to toe with poop. ahhhh I am really glad it is 8:00 at night and the day is finally over.
I know the foundation website is down for a few days. The donation and store will be down for a few days.
Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new site and house update

surprise what do you think of the new site? I love it!! to explain the setting the flash site is the same as html. The html is the old way to do things and it is clunky there are more thing in the flash site. It is really easy to download flash player and it is free. The blog site is were I will Journal every week. We are still working on a few kinks but they should be done in the next week or two.
so what have we been doing? Aniston has started using the potty and Scarlett gets it, but just hasn't pottied on it. We had a big bazaar this weekend and sold about 30 calendars but it is definitely slower this year since we have less volunteers selling them. So if you sold them last year contact me and I will give you a bunch it would really help.
The house is going well. the roof is on and we are going to start drying the house out. I am sad to say we have almost maxed out our budged and we will have to stop things. The rock wall in the front of the house cost way way more then we thought it would, $70,000. Mary and Marilyn are doing the best they can calling for donations but since it is the end of the year people have given as much as they can. We still need cabinets, appliances, wire for the electric, light fixtures, insulation, gutters, gravel, fill, and rock. We have came so fare to stop but we have no choice. If you know of anyone who could help with contacting business or have a contact yourself please call Mary. We are also in need of volunteers at the house. Frank and Jerry we are thankful for your commitment to us.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Love, Courtnee

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


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Cami you are the tiniest of all the babies. I have always worried about your weight but I never worried about your will. You were the first to walk. When I think of you I think of your laugh it is contagious. I think you are the happiest baby I have ever seen. You run through the house with your tiny curls and your long curly eye lashes. When you see me you immediately jump into my arms and beery your head under my chin and hug me tight. I feel how much love you have for me. It sometimes can give me goose bumps when I see how much you love me. My little pixie your mama loves you.


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Belle when I first saw you there were tubs and cords all over. I wanted so badly to see and touch you. I felt I couldn’t comfort you enough. Your cries were louder and more powerful then the other babies so I often felt you were hurting.
When I got you home I saw how much calmer you were. As time went on I watched a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. You are beautiful and very smart. You love to talk and from what I can tell you are the leader. You have a take charge personality. Weston is definitely your soul twin. You two laugh and chase one another. I really have to be careful not to leave you alone because I find you biting or hitting. When I scold you look at me with your sweet face and smile. You are my strong willed girl and I absolutely adore you little Belly.


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Mommy and Daddy were so happy we have a little boy. You are gentle and loving. You and Belle have a strong bond you two love to play chase. Out of all the kids you need me the most I never could have imagined the bond between a mother and her son thank you for choosing me as your mom. Your body is like daddy's however you look like my brother (whom I always have adored. )When I think of you I picture you running towards me with a big smile and your arms open. I will always love every tiny peace of you.
Love, mommy


Scarlett my sweet and oh so sassy girl you live up to your name. When daddy looked at you for the first time he said "this girl is going to give us trouble" you were the most active in my tummy. You sat on my right rib at times I would beg you to stop kicking. You were the only baby not to have oxygen you were strong but delicate. You are just like your sister Lilli with your beautiful brown eyes. I gasp at your beauty and your lovable heart. You like putting your head on my shoulder and holding me really tight. Thank you for being my child Your mommy loves you deeply.


Darling Aniston You were the first baby mommy got to hold. When the nurse put you in my arms your tiny eyes opened and you looked strait into my soul. You know just what Mommy needed at that time. I felt so lost and overwhelmed but seeing you and being able to hold you made me feel much better.
You are the biggest of the quints and the first to be born. There is always the widest smile across your face. You are known to be a mama’s girl. Sometimes when I pick you up you will pat me on the back and I melt. Your eyes are bluer then the bluest sea’s. I have always felt I have known you forever.
I often picture you as a teenager with beautiful blond hair and a sweet demeanor. Always keep your sweetness and your smiling eyes. I love you little Annie